Change your wound care process; change your facility.


We’re passionate about improving your facility.

We’re preventative to end wounds before they begin.

We’re proactive in our facility-wide approach.

We’re progressive and equipped with cutting-edge technology.

We’re professionals armed with high-level skill and expertise.

We’re your partners in healing.

Time Doesn’t HEAL All Wounds.

The quality of your wound care affects the quality of your residents’ lives, your staff’s confidence, and your facility’s financial, operational, and clinical performance. 

Change your wound care procedures; change your facility.

The groundbreaking Healing Partners approach combines state-of-the-art technology, devoted team members, and empowering staff training for superior results in every aspect.

The Path to Healing

Census Management

streamlined to ensure that every patient receives appropriate attention and treatment

Measurement and Documentation

of wounds to aid in the creation of accurate, precise treatment plans and measurable outcomes

Shared Documentation Platform

eliminates discrepancies between facilities, providers, and supply companies for improved accountability

Evidence-Based Protocols

as well as thorough staff education and tracking for consistent patient assessments

Benchmark Tracking

to evaluate facility healing rates, in-house acquired wounds, and healing ratios classified by wound type

Specialty Programs

to attract referrals, including amputee programs, diabetic foot ulcer programs, and advanced wound care programs with in-house surgical follow-up





Above all, we value exceptional care and collaboration to achieve our goals:

Be Better.

We aim to fundamentally strengthen various elements of SNF operation.

Be Positive.

We select passionate and compassionate providers who specialize in wound care.

Be a partner.

We join forces with your team to attain your facility’s maximum potential.


We want a team that believes in our core values & fundamental beliefs of healthcare equity & the power of positivity.

Direct Facility Impact



Improvment in documentation accuracy



Decrease in-house acquired pressure ulcers


Average additional capture of NTA points on new admissions

Effective wound care and prevention dramatically impacts facilities far beyond the scope of patient care. Our approach revolutionizes:

Patient Care
Our approach drastically improves wound treatment and outcomes and eliminates in-house acquired wounds

Facility Culture
Healing Partners reignites employee passion with observable and inspirational changes resulting in an overall morale shift

Time Management
We assume responsibility of numerous tasks, allowing you and your staff to focus on their roles

Resource Distribution
Our methods eliminate waste and confusion by simplifying documentation and product ordering

“Healing Partners has been a true partner to us, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Korina Aung, RN, Regional Director — Vita Healthcare